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Tradie reckons spending $10,000 on tools was 'actually a steal' because of tax time

TOOL TAX: A local tradie has shared his 'tax time haul' on Instagram this week - the image being a pile of tools, fixings and parts with the caption under the image reading 'what a steal ladies and gentlemen, I love tax time'. However, what he didn't share with readers was the total price - a whopping $10,000. The tradie told us that he intended on spending his ~$4000 tax return almost immediately, but was sucked in by the 'absolute bargains at ToolShedProMax Store'. He spoke: 'The guy just kept telling me I needed all the bits so I had to agree you know, like he's the salesman and I'm the tradie'. On the contrary, he shouldn't need more tools - at least until the next end of financial year rolls around.

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