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Teen who owns entire Quentin Tarantino filmography still baffled as to why he's single

MAYBE TRY MARVEL: Chronically single teen Seth has once again been left thinking what could have been after longtime crush Sienna went back to her place early. Sitting on his unmade single bed, Seth is wondering whether his insistence on mansplaining the entire filmography of foot-fetishiser Quentin Tarantino, after Sienna showed voyage interest in his box set, sealed the deal. To add on more, Sebastian thought it was a great idea to have him and Sienna watch 'Pulp Fiction'. Reports indicate that Sienna's departure came not long after Sebastian began to explain why it was ok for a white man like Tarantino to use the 'N' word. "Leaving so soon?" he allegedly asked, "We've still got 90 minutes of the movie left!".


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