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Splendour in the Grass introduce impromptu Tough Mudder obstacle course to get to the main stage

SPLENDOUR IN THE MUD: As the long-awaited three day festival Splendour in the Grass had its first day of shows cancelled due to wet weather, the SITG organisers have announced an impromptu partnership with Tough Mudder for the remainder of the festival. The organisers have now set up an obstacle course from the campgrounds to the main stage, which includes a mud-crawling section, a Triple J themed ropes course, a steep ramp called 'Kosciuszko 3.0', and reports are stating that they are only allowing people in the mosh pit if they finish the course under a certain time. Festival goers are indifferent about the late addition, with some athletic people praising the idea, while others are even more annoyed.


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