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Misinformed Movie Review: If Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Midness does one thing right, it's

Multiverse of Midness is the greatest movie of all time. There I was, sitting in a packed theater of eager Marvel fans waiting to see a movie that they've waited years to see. As the movie progressed, I noticed the theater was not enjoying the movie. Time passed, 30 minutes, 1 hours, 2 hours, until a very special moment. During the final fight of the movie, as many people were starting to visibly tear up from a disappointing Marvel movie, we witnessed the greatest movie event of all time. Right as Wanda was about to kill one of the heroes, Gibby leapt from the bushes and attacked her. The theater started to whisper "Is that really him?" The crowd started to cheer louder and louder until I witnessed history. The crowd was chanting "Gibby! Gibby! Gibby!" Wanda uttered the line to Gibby "You'll die soon enough fatty." The crowd was aghast. I was on the edge of my seat. The theater was starting to shake. Gibby looked straight into the camera and ripped his shirt off. I grabbed my soda so hard that it busted onto the man next to me. He was too caught up to notice. The cheering in the theater that night was the loudest recorded noise in human history. Every single man, woman, and child started tearing up from the beauty of the scene. A shirtless Gibby then bopped Wanda with his stomach, obliterating him instantly. Gibby looked into the camera, winked, and credits roll. The crowd started roaring and continued clapping for 30 minutes after the movie was over. As I was leaving, I saw an old man with the expression that his life was changed. I asked him what he was thinking of, and he said that the shirtless Gibby scene gave him the knowledge he required to solve an important formula. That man was Albert Einstein. Le Epic Sauce /5


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