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Misinformed Deepdive: Is it Al-ba-Knee-zee or Al-ba-knees?

While Labor was successful in their campaign to sway voters, there is one election issue that they simply failed to provide a comprehensive solution to, that being the pronunciation of the Labor leader Anthony Albanese. In this article, we will be taking you on a comprehensive deepdive into Mr Albanese to truly figure out once and for all how it is pronounced. Our first stop on our deepdive comes from former Prime Minister Scott Morrison who on various occasions has pronounced it as "Al-ban-knee-zee". While this is promising, it could still have been a misdirect to confuse voters. The final stop on this deepdive, is to Mr Albanese himself who has on record pronounced his name as "Al-ba-knees". At this point, we at the Misinformed Magpie think it is safe to conclude that it is in fact Al-ba-knees. Thank you for joining us on this deepdive, we hope to catch you on our next investigation into matters that really matter.


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