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Local thrift shop enthusiast celebrates purchasing 'bargain' $5 t-shirt for $40

"Money can't buy style like this". Well, that's right Stephen, but that's also because the clothes you are buying are literally worthless. Any attempts to engage in a logical conversation with Stephen regarding his tendency to continue purchasing extremely overpriced clothes from thrift stores have proved futile due to the misconception that it must be fairly priced because it's full of discarded items. However, this belief has long been utilised by thrift shop owners to exploit fashion icons like Stephen. Just wait till he finds out that Best and Less doesn't always have the best and cheapest products.

local marathon t-shirt with the smell of sweat infused, jeans with permanent grass stains and sunnies too small for her face. Daniel, the shop owner, said he found the pants and sunnies in a garbage bag next to the Smith Family donation bin and the shirt from his dad's cupboard.

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