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Leaked Sydney F1 circuit was just the 110km motorway ring in an attempt to increase toll profits

CAUSE IT'S NOT LIKE WE MAKE ENOUGH ALREADY: As the F1 announced it will race in Melbourne until 2035, leaks have surfaced of the proposed Sydney circuit that was not chosen. This proposed circuit? The 'Sydney Orbital Network', or the 110km motorway ring that includes the M1, M2, M5 and M7. At this distance, the whole race would be a total of three laps - and the expected lap times would be roughly 44 minutes. Now, you may ask why even bother with such an event; however, the primary reason was so that Transport NSW could profit even more off the tolls as drivers would have to pay over $40 per lap. A government spokesperson reminded us how cheap it was to travel on Sydney roads and that they will undoubtedly have to increase toll fees now that the F1 board chose to stick with Albert Park.


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