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KSI's brother set to win comeback fight after losing comeback fight

KSI’s brother, Deji, is set to fight Alex Wassabi in March as redemption to his loss last year against a lip syncing, dancing, Tik Toking star Vinnie Hacker where he tried to avenge his loss to the best boxer on the planet, Jake Paul. The fight will happen on March 5 on another new boxing service, Showstar, which will most likely flop just as Social Gloves did in 2021. Deji has to decided to actually take this fight seriously and train properly which has made fellow influencers believe he will win….somehow. Wassabi has never fought professionally but was knocked out during sparring and lost his trial fight to get on the Social Gloves card. Which fighter will stay defeated? We shall find out on March 5 during some online streaming.


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