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'Goth' tenant kicked out of sharehouse as her room style wasn't boho chic

CALL THE STYLE POLICE: A sharehouse located in the city's inner suburbs has come under fire this week as it was revealed the tenants kicked out one 'goth' member, as her room style wasn't the same as the others - boho chic. Reports say that the 'boho' tenants thought there was too much darkness and 'bad vibes' coming from the 'goth's' room, and they couldn't harness enough crystal energy to counteract the mood. The kicked out tenant told us that she was outraged, and pointed out that even though she had a darker colour palette in her room she actually had the same amount of plants compared to any other room, the bad vibe claims were 'bullshit', and she's not a goth. She also stated that she now hates the colour beige, and anything made of ropes.

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