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Alt-Right fringe group boycott popular snack Twisties due to Smith's anti-straight agenda

LIFE IS PRETTY STRAIGHT WITHOUT TWISTIES: Twisties have been a staple in Australia's snacking habits since they were first released 70 years ago, with people from all sides of the political spectrum happy to enjoy their cheesy goodness. However, this has now changed after an alt-right fringe group discovered the Twisties slogan for the first time despite being on literally every packet since the snack's inception. To them it signifies an attack against the straight community as part of Smith's wide ranging anti-straight agenda and as such they can no longer consciously support the consumption of the tasty snack. Sources say that Smith's thinly cut chips will be the next to feel the wrath of the alt-right community due to its discrimination against the plus-sized community.


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